We are a warm multicultural family of faith called by God to celebrate, serve, and grow through Jesus Christ. Specifically, our mission is to:

  • Celebrate: Provide a variety of experiences for people to rejoice and give thanks to God,
  • Serve: Create opportunities to freely give to others of our time and talents because God freely gave to us through Jesus Christ and,
  • Grow: Offer ourselves for spiritual, organizational and numerical growth.

Our history serves as a reflection of who we are as a congregation, what we represent, and what we aspire to be as we plan our future.

Over the past decade, certain elements have surfaced repeatedly in our history and they exemplify what we care about. Together, they shape our values and form the basis of determining what entities or groups are best fit to share our ministry space.

As a congregation, we value diversity and inclusion. One such way is in regard to the composition of our congregation. Founded in 1726 by Anglo/American immigrants to America, in the last 20 years, we have seen a growth in membership of people of West African backgrounds. We believe that such diversity in cultural background and worldview enriches our worship and understanding of God.

The composition of our congregation also varies in age, education, profession, and include white- and blue-collar workers and many retirees. We believe that men and women are called equally to ministry, and both serve as clergy and as elders in our church.